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About Us

Adored Dog provides an exceptional range of natural, healthy products for people who adore their dogs.
Adored Dog was set up by best friends, Vikki and Ronnie, who have had dogs all their lives (that’s quite a long time by the way!) and are passionate about giving their own and customers pets the best available on the market.

Vikki is a professional dog trainer and is qualified with various bodies including the IMDT, PPG, The Agility Club, Scentwork UK and when she is not working, can be found researching dog behaviour, canine nutrition, training methods, canine physiology or out with her spaniels (Millie and Pixie) and terrier (Hettie).  In summary, Vikki is a total dog nerd!  Ronnie has always had rescue dogs and currently shares her home with 2 rescue mixed breed dogs (Dotty and Bodza).  She holds a BSc Hons in Equine Business Management and Marketing.  She has a keen interest in canine nutrition and fitness. 

As a result of investigating supermarket and pet shop products, we were both horrified with the ingredients in many of the high street brand treats, including high cereal content, sugars, salt, additives, preservatives and manmade flavourings.  With nutrition and canine behaviour so closely linked, our quest for healthy, natural products that our 'Adored Dogs’ could enjoy, began and has resulted in our product range today. 

The majority of our products are 100% single source meat proteins, i.e. containing nothing other than the meat/fish, which enables them to be fed to dogs with dietary intolerances to specific ingredients.  Our meat products are air dried to seal in the natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals and flavours without the need to add anything, hence 100% Natural.  We believe that we stock the largest range of protein sources, with almost 30 different species of meat and fish proteins, including chicken, ostrich, kangaroo, beef, salmon, cod etc.  We have a huge range of products to cater for all size and age of dogs, from small training treats to long lasting boredom busting chews.


We are also passionate about the environment and aim to reduce the impact that our pet food has on the planet. Sourcing as many by-products from the meat industry as possible, ensures that minimal amounts go to waste.  We endeavour to use as much recycled and recyclable packaging as we can.


Alongside our range of natural treats and chews, we also stock a large range of high quality enrichment toys and other dog products that we believe will help to enhance your Adored Dogs lives as much as they do ours.


Our Adored Dogs certainly agree that our products are totally awesome but why not ask yours?

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