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Beef Selection Hamper

Beef Selection Hamper

PriceFrom £21.85

This huge selection consists of approximately 15 different beef products including

  • 2 cow ears - hairy and smooth
  • Paddywack chew
  • Lung piece
  • Natural hoof
  • Skin slice
  • Standard pizzle
  • Tripe stick
  • Piece of tail
  • Roast Beef Piece(s)
  • JR Meat Stick Pack
  • Gullet Flat
  • Trachea
  • JR 100% Beef Pate 200g
  • Beef Tendon (thin)

Some of these treats will be a longer lasting  chews; others being a tasty snack between meals as well as some suitable to be used as treating treats.  All are 100% beef and crammed full of great natural nutrients with no additives, no preservatives

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks

Grain and Gluten Free

High Protein


Please note - if any products are out of stock, these will be replaced with other beef products of at least the same value

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