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Complete  Starter Puppy Selection

Complete Starter Puppy Selection

PriceFrom £40.00

This amazing selection has been carefully chosen by our own qualified dog trainer to provide you with a complete selection of products, chews and treats to get you well on your way to training your perfectly content Adored Puppy. 


As well as a selection of treats and long lasting chews, (some suitable from 4 weeks of age and others from 12 weeks) this great value selection also contains various boredom busting toys including:

Can be subject to change

  • Durable KONG Wubba toy (S or L)
  • Fillable KONG puppy Binkie (S or M)
  • LickiMat Tuff
  • NatureDiet Purely meat paste for KONG and LickiMat
  • JR 100% Meat Sticks
  • 200g JR Pate 100% Meat 
  • Antos 100% meat training treats
  • Standard Pizzle (S/M puppy selection) or Jumbo Pizzle (M/L puppy selection)
  • Half lamb pizzle (full for M/L)
  • Chicken foot
  • Lamb skin braid
  • Beef tendon (thin for S/M or thick for M/L selection)
  • Fish skin finger
  • Rabbit ear (smooth)
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