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Delicate Mouth Hamper

Delicate Mouth Hamper

PriceFrom £19.00

This hamper offers the more delicate pallet a wonderful softer range of 100% natural treats and chews.  The box is ideally suited to younger puppies and older dogs as well as dogs who just prefer not to use too much effort with thier treats.  Some of our softer chews include

  • Lamb Skin Braid
  • Buffalo Lung Piece
  • Beef Gullet Flat
  • Smooth Rabbit Ear
  • Hairy Rabbit Ear
  • Pack of JR 100% Meat Sticks - Various Flavours
  • White Fish Skin Flat
  • Wolf fish skin flat
  • 200g JR 100% meat pate - various flavours
  • Sheep pizzle
  • Lamb tail piece

.....and many other delicacies! 

Each box will vary to ensure your Adored Dog loves each box as much as the first one.


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