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Low Fat Adored Dog Hamper

Low Fat Adored Dog Hamper

PriceFrom £20.90
This hamper contains a wide range of products from our 'Low Fat' range and contains treats and chews from a variety of species.  The selection will consist of flavoursome snacks, treats and boredom busters.
A typical hamper could include the following but will vary from box to box to ensure that your Adored Dog does not get bored:
Lamb Skin Braid
JR Turkey Coin
JR Ostrich Stick
Beef Lung Pieces (50g)
Calf Hoof
Complete Anchovies (50g)
Venison Skin 
Buffalo ear
Cow Udder Piece
Puffed Pork Snout
Cod Skin Twist
Roast Beef Piece
NatureDiet Purely Poultry Meat (great for spreading on LickiMats and stuffing in a KONG)
Camel Skin

We guarantee that this great value selection contains products in excess of the individual list price of the items.
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