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Christmas Treat A Day Advent Selection

Christmas Treat A Day Advent Selection


The ultimate Christmas advent box selection for your dog!  


This bumper selection will include one different soecies of treat a day for each of the 24 days of December on the run up to Christmas with an optional long lasting bumper chew for the 25th day. 


A typical standard selection will include 24 items, picked from the list below but may vary depending on stock availability:

  • Anchovy - complete dry fish
  • Beef - 100% meat stick, gullet, udder or paddywack piece
  • Buffalo - dry lung or gullet
  • Slice of camel skin
  • Chicken - neck, foot, 100% meat coin or stick
  • Cod - skin cube
  • Duck - neck, foot, 100% meat jerky or stick
  • Goat - 100% meat stick or ear
  • Goose - foot or half wing
  • Herring - finger
  • Kangaroo - 100% meat stick
  • Lamb - skin braid, spaghetti or half pizzle
  • Ostrich - JR Ostrich curl or 100% stick
  • Pheasant - jerky slice
  • Plaice - 100% fish stick
  • Pork - spaghetti piece
  • Prawns - taster bag of complete dry fish
  • Rabbit - ear
  • Salmon - 100% fish supreme cube
  • Shrimp - taster bag of baby shrimp sprinkles
  • Smelt - complete dry fish
  • Sprat - complete dry fish
  • Squid - slice
  • Trout - 100% fish finger
  • Turkey - neck, 100% meat coin or stick
  • Kangaroo  - 100% meat stick
  • Seabass - 100% fish stick
  • Venison - 100% meat half sausage
  • Wild Boar - 100% meat jerky slice
  • Wolf fish skin - flattie


If you have a larger dog or want the enjoyment to last into the new year, we have a bumper selection which will include a selection of longer lasting, larger products.


All of the products in the 24 day selection are 100% meat or fish and crammed full of great natural nutrients with no additives, no preservatives and are suitable for puppies over 16 weeks.


If you specifically need products for a younger puppy,  please let us know and we can accommodate you but you will not get the full range of species.




We are sure you know your Adored dogs better than us, but please ensure that you do not over feed them - for certain dogs (eg tiny ones, it will be advisable not to feed the whole treat each day so the enjoyment can last into the new year too!


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